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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet as Honey!

I could just eat up this little bee!
Just helping pollinate the flowers! (aren't' those wings so adorable!)

So pretty...and so are the flowers!

Ohhhh, sooooooo sweet!
Briella learned to say "BZZZZZZZZ" in preparation for going out to gather candy! Imagine our surprise when she started saying "drick -n- dreat" at all the doors?

Any holiday where I get to dress up my cute kids even cuter is a good holiday in my book!
We hope you all enjoyed your little darlings, too!


The Washburns said...

That is the cutest bee costume I have ever seen!!! She is beeutiful! Hope you had fun trick or treating! Love, Jenn

Sommer said...

Man she is so darling, I just want to eat her up! I totally agree with Jenn, that is the cutest little bee I've ever seen!

Cothran Family said...

That is such an adorable costume, LOVE the wings! SOOO cute! Take off the antenas and she could wear it to church! What were the boys? Did Kamberlynne go this year?

kim said...

Those wings are my favorite! I've never seen any bee cuter!