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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Art of Halloween

For those of you who know our amazing Aunt Sally, you know how much fun it is to be with her! Well, we've been missing her lately as she and Uncle Mike did a major home project and remodeled 2/3 of their upstairs and added a new BIG art studio! The kids and I started art with Aunt Sally over 2 years ago with just us, but now the class has grown to include Aunt Jenn and the cousins, too! Aunt Sally was kind enough to let us all squish in the old art room, but I think it gave her a good reason to build her dream art studio, and now we all get to benefit! Can you see the joy and jubilation on Aunt Sally's face as we celebrated the completion of the art studio with a ribbon cutting ceremony!?!?!?

It didn't take long to officially break in the new room...Aunt Sally had a fabulous Halloween project ready for our little artists to create, and soon the art table (which sits all 8 students-and Aunt Sally, too!) was covered in all manner of exciting supplies! The kids created 3D "bat caves"! Very approriate, don't ya' think!

Bekah working hard all by herself!

We have the best Teacher ever!

Well, after the art project, the fun kept coming! The momma's and Aunt Sally had planned a holiday lunch for all to enjoy! What do you think of the menu?!?!?
You can click the picture to enlarge and get a really good look! If you still can't read the signs, I'll help you out! We served "dragon eyes", "baked bat wings", "toasted toad toes", "boiled belly buttons with entrails", and "bandaged pinky fingers". Everyone topped off the gourmet meal with some fabulous "dirt and worm" cupcakes! Thanks, Aunt Sally, for a frightfully gruesome time! We all loved it....

except maybe Briella! "I'm not eating that!! Can't I just have some good ole PBJ?"!!


The Washburns said...

I love it! That was a blast. All the kids did a great job and were rewarded with a gross meal. Jenn

The Washburns said...

Love it! Just love it! That was the most disgusting time ever!