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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Night of Stars!

Kamberlynne was a "star" at our ward "Young Women in Excellence" program tonight! The YW leaders did an amazing job honoring each girl and their efforts at completing some Personal Progress goals. They very literally rolled out the red carpet, had everyone dress up in their fanciest dresses, and recognized and awarded each girl an "Emma Award" for excellence in the Personal Progress Program! They even had each girl give an acceptance speech! Super cute and lots of fun!
Our shining star!

Kamberlynne presenting her 10 hour value goal for "Good Works". Over the course of a couple months Kamberlynne completed over 20 knitted hats to be donated to the needy! In her "acceptance speech" she shared how much of a humbling experience it was to realize how many blessings she enjoys when others out there don't even have a hat, and how glad she was to be able to serve! What a sweetie!

What a blessing to have other stars to help light your way!

Ahhh, the glorious "Emma" award! Way to go, Loo!

Hanging out with our theatre friends, Betsy and Cami...we girls are doing a show together right now, the younger ones on stage, the momma' s working behind the scenes!
More posing with is Kamberlynne's sweetest friend Nikki with her mom, our YW President! We are blessed to call them dear friends, and would hang out together everyday if we could!

Kamberlynne and her star...all the girls had autographed and had their handprints on their own YW Walk of Fame Star! Isn't that so cute? These YW leaders did such a great job, they each deserve a week at the spa!

A true star always takes time with the little people! Thanks, Kamberlynne, for letting your love shine so brightly! It lightens up each and every one of our days! Shine On, sweet girl, shine one!


Jeanne Lawyer said...

What a beautiful young women she has become. Boy those leaders did a wonderful job. You can tell a lot of love and effort went into it. Congrats on such a wonderful evening.

Sommer said...

That was so fun wasn't it. Kamberlyn (sorry if I spelled that wrong) made me cry during her speech and Krystal turned to me when she was done with her speech and said, "Wow she is really mature for her age!"

kim said...

Beautiful Loo. How far is the line of boys and can I get an autographed picture? Love you.

Rae said...

You are definitely a shining star Loolee. How gorgeous can one twelve-year-old get? Congratulations on your award. I know how much work goes into these (and I do it the slacker way!) and you definitely deserve a prize for that. We love you for being so wonderful. I wish I could give you a giant hug!

mom2beachbums said...

What a great idea for a YW in Excellence night!! Oh how I miss seeing all those beautiful young ladies!! I LOVE all those cute knitted hats Kamberlynn made....must of been a lot of time and work! Great job and hope she continues to love YW!

amber said...

What a beautiful daughter of God an an absolutely wonderful niece!

The Washburns said...

Loo, you are a star!!!! I am so proud of you. You are a light to the world. We love you so much!!!! I also love your hair, you look beautiful. Love, Auntie Jenn and family

Lynne said...

What an incredibly beautiful young woman both inside and out! What a joy it was to spend time this summer realizing what a great person you are! Love you tons and tons!

Cothran Family said...

You are so beautiful and talented. Way to go on all your hard work. What a fun night you had. I'm going to tell our YW leaders about that great idea! We love and miss you!
Utah fam and cousins