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Friday, August 29, 2008

Every now and then I try to take a small step into the 21st is the day to step into blogging! This first post is dedicated to Eliza...she knows why!

Summer went way too fast this year! Before starting school in a couple of weeks, we're taking those last few field trips! Here are some pics of the kids "on the farm"!
Kamberlynne still loves to have the camera pointed at her....12 years later and some things never change!
Christian thinks every 10 yr old boy should live on a farm!
Jonah was all about swinging from the rope in the hayloft...he's got some real skill for a 9 yr old!
Indy doesn't think any 7 yr old should have to pose for pictures!
Rebekah is ready to be a professional cowgirl at 4 years old!
Briella says this is way better than an afternoon nap! (15 months)
Christian is really in his element!
No, Bekah, we can't take the horsey home!
Briella waves goodbye with Kamberlynne until Mom takes another step into the 21st century and posts again! Keep your fingers crossed!