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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Indy, Dear!

So Indy, what was the very best part of your 8 year old birthday DAY yesterday?

It must be those first thing morning birthday snuggles and birth day reminisces with momma, right?

Super fabulous, but nope, that's not it!

Oh, it's taking a surprise birthday outing to go bowling with NO SCHOOL, huh?

That was great, but still not it!

Then it must be BROOM'S BLOOMS PARLOR DIRT ICE CREAM that we brought home to eat before lunch?

OH, that is my very favorite ice cream, but that's still not it!

Then Grandma and Pop stopping in for birthday hugs, right?

So special, but keep trying!

I've got it now, it's that special request banana cream pudding pie birthday cake (which you've never even eaten before and mom is still wondering where you came up with that one!!!!)?

Ohhh, that was great, but there's still something else!!

What? What could it be.....

Having your 8th birthday be on Scout Nght, so after years and years of waiting you get to put on your very own snazzy shirt and head out the door with the brothers as an official Scouter....FINALLY!

There you have it, the tip top of an awesome birthday celebration! Being "8" really is great!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christian's Rites of Passage

Some things are taken very seriously in this family, and embarking on the steps to manhood is one of them. Christian took a big leap in the right direction under Dad's guiding hand this weekend. It was just at sunset, with a slight rain beginning to fall....

And let me just add...our Dad doesn't believe in self-propelled mowers!

Way to go, Big C! I can only imagine what Dad has in mind for you next...!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beautiful 2 Year Old!!

Briella's birthday was the last day of our vacation 4 days ago (I will get to blogging the fabulous ranch...really, I will...), and even though it was different than being at home, all you really need is the birthday girl, right!?!?

Ellie took time to relax and smell the flowers for her birthday, ....oh, and look really cute, too!

But what could be better than balloons and wishes?

Oh, yeah....chocolate ice cream cake!

Happy Birthday, Ellie....may all your wishes come true!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Christian...what were you thinking?!?!?

Ummmmm, neon green?!?!?!?

You can't quite about this.....

Well today was the big day, and here is a "before" picture.....

and this one...yipes....

Stay tuned for the "After" about 3, maybe 4, or possibly 5 years!
Thank goodness they can change the color every month! Get ready for blue next month!

Since he's already so handsome, we can only imagine what a heart throb he's gonna be after all this!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Ellie, Dear!!!

We still can't count the many miracles that brought our lovely Briella to our arms! Whenever we think on God's goodness, our hearts always turn to our adoption journey and the love that brought our daughter home to us. Though we did meet Briella on her Birthday, this picture was taken on day 2, the first time Daddy held her. Such a special moment! The last two years have been filled with them!

We love you forever and ever, sweet little one! Having you in our lives makes every day a miracle!