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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just too cute!!!

Daddy and Kamberlynne have been teaching Briella "I Love You" in sign language. The other day she did this in reply:

"Ummmm...what does that mean?", we ask.

"I love you MORE!"

"OH, of course!!!"

Isn't that the cutest?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's the Birthday Boy.....ummmm....I mean TEENAGER!!!

And, yeah, how happy do you think he is about it?!?!?!?

We spent Christian's 13th B-day doing all kinds of typical teen-agery things....

Hangin' out at the local bowling alley...

with lots of really cool people!

But still taking time with the little guys!

Then on to devouring lots of pizza....

and throwing in a game of pool! (Thanks to our neighbors for the quick set up and portable pool table! FUN!)

And here's a really fun growing up stat....

We told Kamberlynne last year on Christian's birthday she had one year left before he caught her...I think he even has her by an inch or so!! But don't worry....

I've still got him...for one more year--or at least a few months!
And with all that big guy size comes....

the ginormous quadruple layer "make it as much chocolate as you can, Mom" cake! (Yep, he takes after his momma!)

Christian's wish came true, he got to stay up way past bedtime playing his new Settlers of Cataan game!

So here's to 13 years with 1 amazing kid! Having Christian bless our home means always being able to find the sunshine in cloudy days, still being able to hang with the little guys no matter how big you get, knowing way too much about some of the grosser creatures on our planet, and hearing some of the finer movie lines delivered in spot-on imitation! But more than that, we get to love and nurture, inspire and be inspired by a tender-hearted and compassionate boy who is turning into a mighty warrior for the Lord right before our eyes!

And oh, we have two of these crazy teenegers in our home! Aren't we blessed?!?!?

You better believe it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just give us 5 inches!!!

OK, we'll make do with 4...

From the top.

Kamberlynne just hangin' on!

Christian showin' us his surfer moves.

Jonah doing the 360 spin!

Indy planning the perfect run!

Bekah racing the clock!

And Briella...ummm....SMILING!!!

More smiles... (we had about 25 of our friends on the slopes with us!)

The Tricksters...
The penguin.

The Daredevil.
The evidence...
Momma was really there!!!

Well, dear ones, gone are the days when it took a half hour to pack and zip all those little ones into the snowsuits, pry on the boots, find the mittens, find the mittens again, zip them again, know the drill...just to have them be out in the snow for 15 minutes before crying that they were all done!!!! And then wanting to do it all again an hour later! Nope, not anymore! Even Ellie was up for a good couple hours of frosty fun! Of course, ending it all with hot chocolate and donuts even sweetens the memories!

And makes us wish for just 4 more inches.....!

One last smile....

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

There's No Place Like Home.....

For the Holidays!

Here's a quick peek at our Christmas fun!

Annual family trip to see the temple lights!

Along with some fun friends!

Ice-skating field trip!!!

Making and sharing lots of treats!

This should be a picture of Briella with Santa....but she ran out of the room too fast!!! (Hey, at least she went INTO the room this year!) There is a smile behind that blanket!

Lots and LOTS of holiday music!

Sorry, Nana, this is our only recital pic! Momma was too busy running the show! All of the Washburn cuties did a great job, though!

Christmas Eve devotional...may we never forget the real "Reason for the Season"! Even more fun with friends!

Our Christmas Angel.

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed Christmas morning!

Some favorite presents!

Momma and daddy's favorite gifts of all time!

Here's to another year of enjoying our greatest gifts, growing in love and gratitude, and enjoying the true spirit of Christmas in our hearts and homes each and every day!