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Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's showtime!!!!!

OK, we didn't drop off the planet...we finished our show! Rodgers and Hammerstien's "Cinderella" was a big success, and we are all thrilled to be back on regular sleep schedules! But, oh, how worth it!

Six of the Washburns lit up the stage....but none were more excited than Bekah, who made her premier main stage debut as a village girl

and a mouse who got turned into a horse!
Christian also doubled as the Herald
and a guest at the ball! All the boys had some pretty impressive waltzing going on!
Jonah doubled as a court guard
and a ball guest.
Indy doubled the same as Jonah, guard
and impressive dancer!
Kamberlynne had a single role, but played it up beautifully as one of Cinderella's stepsisters! I think her favorite part was wearing a size 22 fat suit (wait till you see the video!)
And finally, momma was the music director, and ran all the audio equipment....and was tired!
And now for all you big fans (Nana), grab some popcorn and enjoy a few videos!

Here is the opener...Christian soloing in his new lower voice, Jonah and Indy to his right, Kamberlynne center in the big fat suit and orange skirt....and watch for Bekah's one line "Maisy"...she's adorable!

Here Rebekah (the mouse on the far left) is transformed into a horse....

Now check out Jonah and Indy "Dancing like the Stars". They are center stage...oh, and Kamberlynne comes in to "dance" with the Prince!

Another ball scene....hard to see, but Jonah is just behind Cinderella with his partner, and they ROCK!

Now the "Stepsister's Lament".....brought big laughs! Kamberlynne's big take the stage moment!

And at last, the finale....whole ensemble, and a very nice harmony note at the end, even if I do say so myself!!!!

So, there you have it! Now our next big debut will be the new baby....13 days and counting!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ultimate Girls Night!

Fabulous dinner...

Fabulous fabulous show....

With one fabulous fabulous FABULOUS girl!

I love being the momma!

Yep, a night like that makes it to the top of the girls night "All-time Greats"!