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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Singing Thanks and Praise....

This past week, Kamberlynne and I had the opportunity to be a part of the NATIONAL BIBLE ASSOCIATION Interdenominational Concert of Praise!

We were also joined by world renowned violinist Jenny Oaks-Baker, who was absolutely magnificent. She will be performing at the LDS Visitors Center December 13, and I can't wait to take the whole family!

We sang in the Nations First Cathedral, the Baltimore Basilica of the Assumption, with choirs of other Christian Faiths as we celebrated our mutual love for God's Word. The Basilica is pretty amazing (it just so happens the Brian's Company did the renovations on it a few years back!), and the acoustics are every bit as wonderful as any I've ever sung at, including the LDS Tabernacle on Temple Square! Our little choir of 30 sounded at least twice as big!

(Can you find us?!?!?)

The piece here was one of our two selections "Come Unto Christ" My favorite part is about 2 minutes wait for it!

"Come unto Christ, ye sorrowful and frail. Seek this Jesus, whose comfort cannot fail.
Seek this Jesus, and triumph in His might. Come unto Christ, Come unto Christ.
Come unto Christ, abide in Him and live. He will bless you with every perfect gift.
Seek this Jesus amidst a world of strife. Come unto Christ, and find in Him
Eternal Life."

Tears for missing our Mariah are still always close. But because of Christ, we will triumph in His might, and find Eternal Life. We continue to count the many gifts from His hand, and wait for the perfect day when there are no more tears, only joy. What more can we be thankful for?!

Thanksgiving blessings to all of you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Jonah was pretty devastated that HP 7 was PG-13, so he got left at home for the big premiere! Poor guy! Everyone else sure loved it, though! This year our numbers went from 4 kids to 8 kids, plus a few moms to see the show, then home for a Harry Potter pizza party....Nine large pizzas disappeared like magic...without the invisibility cloak!!!

And guess what?!?!? The second time was even better! After pizza, I went back with Brian and another couple to watch it "adult" style!!!!

Now we can't wait for Part 2!