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Sunday, May 30, 2010

You've had a birthday...and so have you...and so have you!!!

Yep, it's a catching up on the birthdays post starting with


Brian indulged me with a fabulous outing to see this...

Joined by these fabulous friends...

And a fancy birthday dinner celebration afterwards here....

Topped off with...

What more could a girl ask for?!?!?

Maybe next year I'll join in on mousketeer birthday girl Briella's fabulous celebration outing to her favorite spot....

Sharing the festivities with mousketeer birthday boy cousin Pierce-ee!

And some more of her favorite mousketeers...

Then back to the clubhouse (aka home!) to continue the celebration!
"Come inside, it's fun inside!"

M-I-C....See ya real soon! K-E-Y...Why--because we like you!

And we love sharing your special day with you, too!

Just like we loved celebrating number 9 with Indy!

Another fun birthday outing...big boy style, this time!

And it even got better....
and better...

But this is the best...(at least for the momma!)
Nine years of love from an amazing, adorable, funny and clever fabulous guy that we are blessed to have in our family! made it through the birthday back-up! Don't miss the next two coming up in June--hopefully they won't be backed up!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Five Months, Five Roses

I'm just a precious little one
who didn't make it there.
I went straight to be with Jesus,
but I'm waiting for you here.
Many dwelling here where I live,
waited years to enter in.
They struggled through a world of sorrow,
a world marred with pain and sin.
Thank you for the life you gave me,
it was brief but don't complain.
I have all of Heaven's Glory,
and suffered none of earth's great pain.
Thank you for the name you gave me.
I'd have loved to bring it fame.
But if I'd lingered in earth's shadows,
I would have suffered just the same.
So sweet momma-don't you sorrow,
wipe those tears and chase the gloom.
I went straight to Jesus' arms
right from your perfect loving womb.

My dear Kamberlynne was recently having a painfully hard and teary day dealing with life and all its challenges. My heart was so so sad for her. I told her how much I wanted to be able to take away that pain and make all her hurt go away forever.

And in that moment, I had a bit of healing in my own heart. In partnering with God to create Mariah's beautiful little body and giving her life within me for that short time, she now never has to suffer and cry and hurt and sorrow over the pain of mortality.
I could do for her what I couldn't do for Kamberlynne. And in my heart I rejoiced at the realization that I would never have to see Mariah's eyes full of tears or face full of sorrow.

And so we are still trusting God every moment of every day to wipe our tears and chase the gloom.

We miss you so much, sweet Angel Baby Mariah, and love you even more. Forever.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday, Ellie Dear!

How did we go from this....

to this....

in just a blink?!?!?

And how did we get from here....

to here....

in just three short years?!?!?

On Briella's special day, we can't help but share our love and gratitude for the miraculous way Heavenly Father brought her to us. With all our hearts, we thank you, dear birth mommy Hillary. Now more than ever, I know for myself how hard it is to say goodbye to a beautiful baby girl. What an amazing gift you gave.

And, Oh, how we love her!