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Sunday, March 25, 2012

What we did on March 23....Unbelievable!!

Because it doesn't matter how far behind I am blogging, when you go to the beach in March, it deserves to be heralded far and wide!!!!

sandy of the cutest things ever!

eating of the ickiest!

getting those toes-ies wet for the first time!

still posing for that's love!

No problem posing here!

still a cutie!

impressive architectural skills!


Funnest part of the day....sharing it with my heart-sister and her family!!! Aren't they adorable! They visited for 9 days, and regardless of sleep deprivation, puking, kids everywhere, no schedules, and not enough exercise.....I would do it again sooooo fast!!! Thanks for taking your vacation with us, dear ones, it was such a blessing!!
And because babies at the beach for the first time are too adorable for just a picture,...

See what I mean!?!?!?
Oh, and did I mention this was in MARCH?!?!?!?