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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So cute its Scary!!

So I woke up this morning to a note Brian had left before going to work....(he gets up at 4:45...I DO NOT)...asking me to send him the Halloween pics! I interpreted that as meaning I should do the blog!! I'll have to go out of order, 'cause I still need to blog Josiah's six month b-day and Rebekah's big #8 b-day, but maybe this'll motivate me! It'll make me crazy not to have things in chronological order!!! Anyways, this blog is for you, Honey-Love!

By the time Halloween night actually comes, we've been in and out of our costumes at least 5 times! These pics are a mix from all different times this past week!

So how cute are this lil' punkin' and the black cat?
Oh, wait, the cat needs whiskers...(Ok, really I just couldn't choose which picture was cuter, so I had to post both!)
And some more classic Halloween cuties!
And the revival of old costumes that you just love so much you have to wear again!
Here's where I would post Christian and Jonah....but they somehow fulfilled their goal to escape the picture taking horror! Don't worry, they will be dealt with severely!!

So on to our superhero! I love this one! And now my favorite from "The Big Night"!

I made this "Little Bo Peep" costume for Kamberlynne...and now we've had all combinations of Peep and adorable! (And I just love the kool-aid face on Ellie....ahhhh, childhood!)

And one last pic for my Lovie...

Thanks to him, I have one less blog to be behind on!!!