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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So cute its Scary!!

So I woke up this morning to a note Brian had left before going to work....(he gets up at 4:45...I DO NOT)...asking me to send him the Halloween pics! I interpreted that as meaning I should do the blog!! I'll have to go out of order, 'cause I still need to blog Josiah's six month b-day and Rebekah's big #8 b-day, but maybe this'll motivate me! It'll make me crazy not to have things in chronological order!!! Anyways, this blog is for you, Honey-Love!

By the time Halloween night actually comes, we've been in and out of our costumes at least 5 times! These pics are a mix from all different times this past week!

So how cute are this lil' punkin' and the black cat?
Oh, wait, the cat needs whiskers...(Ok, really I just couldn't choose which picture was cuter, so I had to post both!)
And some more classic Halloween cuties!
And the revival of old costumes that you just love so much you have to wear again!
Here's where I would post Christian and Jonah....but they somehow fulfilled their goal to escape the picture taking horror! Don't worry, they will be dealt with severely!!

So on to our superhero! I love this one! And now my favorite from "The Big Night"!

I made this "Little Bo Peep" costume for Kamberlynne...and now we've had all combinations of Peep and adorable! (And I just love the kool-aid face on Ellie....ahhhh, childhood!)

And one last pic for my Lovie...

Thanks to him, I have one less blog to be behind on!!!


Katherine said...

So cute! I remember Kamberlynne wearing that costume!

Sarah Faria said...

I love love love love love and adore these pictures!! Especially the one at the end with Brian and Josiah! So adorably cute as can be!!! Umm...I heard Jonah and Christian were cloaked figures this year?! I was really hoping to see that!

Catherine said...

Yay for Brian!

TimothyandJessica said...

Such cute children, and costumes! I also remember Kamberlynne and Christian in those costumes.

amber said...


The Pierce Family said...

Your kids all looked fabulous! And what a cute picture of Brian and Josiah!

Sommer said...

You are right, it is so cute it's scary!!! What a bunch of cuties. I can't believe how big Josiah is getting! I love his cute little smiles, adorable.