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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Indy, Dear!

So Indy, what was the very best part of your 8 year old birthday DAY yesterday?

It must be those first thing morning birthday snuggles and birth day reminisces with momma, right?

Super fabulous, but nope, that's not it!

Oh, it's taking a surprise birthday outing to go bowling with NO SCHOOL, huh?

That was great, but still not it!

Then it must be BROOM'S BLOOMS PARLOR DIRT ICE CREAM that we brought home to eat before lunch?

OH, that is my very favorite ice cream, but that's still not it!

Then Grandma and Pop stopping in for birthday hugs, right?

So special, but keep trying!

I've got it now, it's that special request banana cream pudding pie birthday cake (which you've never even eaten before and mom is still wondering where you came up with that one!!!!)?

Ohhh, that was great, but there's still something else!!

What? What could it be.....

Having your 8th birthday be on Scout Nght, so after years and years of waiting you get to put on your very own snazzy shirt and head out the door with the brothers as an official Scouter....FINALLY!

There you have it, the tip top of an awesome birthday celebration! Being "8" really is great!


kim said...

That ALL sounds like a lot of fun Indy! You know how to stack a birthday day! Happy birthday Indy boy. The drapers love you tons and tons.
P.S. When are you having your baptism?

mom2beachbums said...

Wow, you have all 'big boys' now! To me they're practically grown when they hit 8 and are baptized and going to cub scouts *wah*!! I want to try that cake and I love the bowling pic --that is so cute!

The Washburns said...

Happy birthday Indy! I can not believe how grown up you are. We are so excited for you. We love you!!!!

The Washburns said...

Wow Indy! I can't believe you are 8 years old! I can remember mark and mikes birthday. It was on a scout night too! But they didn't go because it got canceled. But the next week they went and planted tomato plants. They had a lot of fun.

Sommer said...

wow that really does sounds like an awesome birthday!

Lynne said...

Oh, my goodness!!! That's a great huge full day, but, Nana has to agree, getting to be a full-fledged scout and going with the brothers IS pretty darn special. You're getting to be such a big guy, Indy!! Miss you tons and love ya more!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!

Cothran Family said...

Happy late birthday Indy! We love you! I can still remember those wonderful days holding you and patting your back cause you were such a fussy baby. But dang you were adorable and what an amazing big guy you have grown into! Congrats on your birthday! Sorry we are a little slow, doesn't mean we don't love you!

Bente said...

I love that scouts was the favorite part of the birthday - of course! Baptism pictures were cute too, we missed being there.