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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yee-Ha! It's Bekah's birthday!

Our little cowgirl just keeps getting cuter...and bigger!

The annual "Harvest Festival" party for Bekah's birthday was better than ever this year because we got to share it with one of her dearest friends who has her birthday on the very same day! Kaia is the perfect little indian companion to our cowgirl, and we think they are both the cutest!

Here's some of the party fun!
The cookie eating contest....without using your hands!

The brothers loved wrapping up Dad in toilet paper and making him a mummy!

I don't know what these darlings liked better....Bingo, or the M&M's we used as place markers! (My vote is the surprise!)

I can't resist sharing how adorable these costumes are...and the smiling kids are even better!

Friends are such blessings!

The Birthday Girls!

We hope you had a wonderful time today little Cowgirl and Indian! More importantly, we hope you know how how special you are and how much your families love you each and every day! Your beautiful smiles and sweet spirits bring us untold joy! May the Lord keep you in His loving care throughout the coming years!


Sommer said...

That is so sweet, I love all the costumes, your family is adorable, I just get so happy when I see you guys.

kim said...

Hey, Happy Birthday Bekah Boo! I can't believe how stinkin' cute you are! Your Auntie Kim and cousins wish we were closer so we could give you big birthday hugs and maybe throw in a few kisses too! Maybe your Mommy could do that for us huh? Love you little girl.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Bekah! Catherine, amazing cake! What fun to have the same birthday as your friend.

The Pierce Family said...

What a fun party! Savannah had a great time.

Cothran Family said...

Happy Birthday Bekah! We love you and miss you! We wish you many ponies and cowgirl songs and dances!
Love Alana, Ammon and Marrick

Megan and Jonny said...

So, so cute! I LOVE that picture of your boys and their mummified dad. That's definitely a tradition I'd love to start (don't tell Jon).