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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just for laughs!

It's a scientific fact that you don't talk about dieting to a pregnant woman...especially when she is in the last trimester, and forgot what she really is supposed to look like. Well, Brian is recovering from a knee injury, is just about back to full speed, and is super psyched about taking off the pounds he put on while his knee was on the blitz. I took it pretty well... for a while. Until he got a little more specific. And I quote,

"I just wish I could get rid of this stuff in the middle", he says.

OK. That's enough. Compared to MY middle, buddy, you're doin' just fine. So Stop it. Seriously.

I actually told him that...and even though I was kind of smiling, he got it, because the next day he came home with this to show me....

1 minute and 46 seconds of pure truth. And funny. Very. Very. Funny.

So the only thing that could be better would be a new one entitled "Things you don't say to your PREGNANT wife!

Come on. Click the video. It's worth every second!


Lynne said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!! And you're definitely right, so true!!

Cothran Family said...

LOL! That was a good one. Aaron laughed pretty hard too. Good one!

Katherine and Andrew Bettilyon said...

Haha pretty funny. I believe Andrew and I have had a very similar conversation! Love ya and cant wait to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(do you think that is enough exclamation okay you asked for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sommer said...

Ok that right there totally made my day 10 times over. Thanks for posting this. I needed the laugh =)

Aunt Karen said...

LOVED IT! I actually watched that video this morning, funny! You should suggest he work the whole pregnant wife part in.
Love you tons! Miss you! :o)

Dawn said...

haha, I recently found him on youtube and he is great!

Jenn said...

That was funny. I think there could be lots of verses to this song:)

JennT said...

Hahaha!! We LOVE Tim Hawkins and keep hoping to see him live.

How are you doing, Jen? ( ;) ) You're in my thoughts and prayers often.

Much Love,
Jenn (Sudol) Terza :)