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Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Conference Favorites!

What an amazing couple of days! So many messages were so incredibly powerful and insightful and hopeful and encouraging and amazing and...... you get the idea!

So here are some of my top picks:

There really is a prophet on the earth! And after his talk today, we'll be asking a new question around the dinner table! "How have you served today?"

I always love Elder Bednar's addresses. Another great one...Expressing love in the family, testifying to those we love most, and constancy in living the gospel in our own homes!

Just LOVED Elder Burton's talk on the "ity" virtues.... can't wait to re-read that one!

I was stunned by the beauty of the choir's rendering of President Monson's favorite Song "O Divine Redeemer"....just so is a link to see an earlier performance of the piece..

I had tingles down to my toes as Elder Holland shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon and proclaimed its truthfulness to the whole world. I can't wait to put a link in to that will be one for the ages! What an amazing teacher!

And I don't have a picture for my last favorite, but wasn't it great to stand together as one of the Saints and sing "How Firm A Foundation"? Brian and I stood next to each other holding hands and rejoicing as our children sang in harmony around us. It was a beautiful moment!

Ok, what were some of your favorites!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

President Monson's talk in the priesthood session about anger. It's clearly an important subject since two different prophets have now given a talk about it over the last two years.

Aunt Karen said...

I also really loved President Monsons talk at Priesthood (I was watching it because I had to work) I also really loved President Eyrings talk. BIshop Burtons talk was amazing! Loved Conference!

The Pierce Family said...

Oh, how I love conference! I'd have to agree with your picks though they are all always so good. Elder Holland is always one of my favorites!

Lynne said...

I absolutely loved Elder Holland's talk (but, then, it seems he is almost always one of the top three or four!). I agree, the "ity" talk was one of the top; also the love from President Eyring was incredible. But, I also am incredibly thankful for conference in our homes; and incredibly greatful that you all are watching, too. It, sometimes, feels like I'm connected to each of you during those moments. Just in case you have not heard it lately, "I love each of you, beyond measure; I love the gospel, it's TRUE, and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the memories of our family and the hope that we can all be together again."xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

The Washburns said...

For sure President Monson's talk about service was my favorite! I also loved Sister Dibbs talk. I have to agree the "ity virtues" was awesome too! I loved conference and love that our children participate during the sessions with us.