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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The Christmas letter didn't make it into the cards this year, but we did manage to spread the word about our blog, and hopefully many dear friends and loved ones will find their way here! We hope you are enjoying this most wonderful time of year, and feeling the joy and blessings brought into the world by a baby boy over 2,000 years ago!

Brian and Catherine are still enjoying weekly date nights, serving in our Church and in our community, and raising 6 adorable children who are growing up way too fast! We were grateful to add our own talents to their lives this year outside the walls of our home as Brian coached sports and Catherine directed music for the kids extra-curricular activities. The greatest moments are still found here at home, though, where Catherine still gets to homeschool all six, and Brian achieves hero status daily just by coming home! The logistics of a big family are pretty demanding, but how many people get to live their dream? We are so blessed!

Kamberlynne was thrilled to turn 12 this year and officially enter the youth group at church. She is a beautiful Young Woman, and it is a joy to see her talents develop as she gets older! Now I have to say how lucky we were to get picture of Kamberlynne with only happened because this Santa is a fellow cast member of the community show the big 4 kids performed in this month! Besides lighting up the stage in multiple shows this year, Kamberlynne also was a star on the softball field, making the travel team and earning many team awards! Her greatest talent is her natural affection and leadership in our home, she is the best big sister ever!

Christian is still our nature boy, and for an almost eleven year old, can wax eloquent for hours on prehistoric earth, amphibians, and marine life! When he isn't memorizing facts from Animal Planet, he's memorizing lines for the many shows he performed in this year as well! Christian discovered a real talent for the stage as well, and wowed audiences with his natural stage prescence and singing! During rehearsals he finally found an avid love for reading, and gobbles up a good 4 fantasy novels a week! As the biggest brother in the family, his laid back attitude and happy disposition are a great example for all to emulate!

At 9, Jonah is a real computer and math whiz! He often tutors his older siblings, and will do just about anything to earn extra game time! He spent time on stage and in the ball field as well, developing talents and gaining friends with his irresistable charm and sense of humor! He keeps us all laughing! Jonah also has a gift for obedience, and is often the first done with chores and school, offering help to his siblings! What a sweetie!

Indy continues to bring joy to everyone with his kind words and affection to everyone, stranger or friend alike! His sensitive heart keeps him on the look out for others to befriend, and he especially blesses Rebekah and Briella with songs and games throughout the day! He keeps up with the big kids effortlessly, as well, and gained quite a fan club being the youngest performer in some shows this year! He's still big for being only 7, wears a bigger size than Jonah, and has a bigger voice than all the boys! He also is our natural pianist, surpassing Christian's year of experience in only a few months! We can't wait to see him be baptized in just a few short months!
Our little Rebekah isn't so little anymore! She just turned five, but is convinced she is old enough to wear make-up, be in the big kids' plays, and run everything! For now, she'll have to be happy with her own ballet class, Keepers at Home Girls Club, and Musical Theatre JR classes! Her first "Official" year of homeschool is zooming by, and mom is glad she is a natural reader! Bekah is loving being a big sister, and can't wait for Briella to grow just a little bit bigger and play dress-up and tea party! It looks like Bekah's red hair is here to stay, and if you look closely, you'll see her "lucky freckle"on her left cheek, too! Just adorable!

And what about Briella???? Well, if the family pic with Santa above didn't clue you in....

she didn't like Santa so much. Actually, she's pretty picky about who she likes and who she doesn't. Right now she likes about 7 people only, the ones she lives with. Since her picture with Santa didn't go so well, she got her own Christmas photo shoot with mom!

Ok, so how cute is she?!?!?!?!?!? As I mentioned, "Ellie" as we frequently call her, is very very very attached to her family, especially mom and dad! Kamberlynne is a close third, and all the siblings can get easy smiles, but watch out, everyone else! We can't believe she's almost 20 months! She loves being the center of attention, and who can blame her, she's just so cute! Over the past month or so, she has started to find her words, and some of her favorites are "where daddy?", "my blanket", and "I no no", which translates to "I don't know". She loves putting her diapers in the garbage, her spoons in the sink, and her hands in the cat food! Her little kisses melt out heart, and she is just the cutest thing...have I mentioned that yet! Her adoption has blessed our life unmeasurable ways, and we pray the Lord will open the way for more precious children to come to our home!

We hope this little glimpse into our lives has brought a few smiles! We especially hope you enjoy a blessed Christmas, and feel in your heart to sing "Joy to the World, the Lord is come!" We look forward with all our hearts to His return as "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords"! God Bless us, everyone!

With the Merriest of Christmas Wishes,
Brian, Catherine, and our six Christmas Lambs


kim said...

Love love love it! Merry Christmas to you all! And love love love you! Thank you for being such an awesome blogger. Yay family!

mom2beachbums said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful family and all your wonderful adventures. Can't get over how much growing Briella has done. And Indy too! Recently had an impression that your family would expand again someday. How wonderful indeed. : - )

Lynne said...

What kind of world would it be without Christmas traditions, even if they need to be modified! This was a huge year for modification at our house, what with moving and feeling sick, and trying to keep up with all the different grandchildren's wishes (a first for that accomplishment from Nana, Pop-Pop and Auntie Rachael. We love you all sooooooooooooooo very much and miss you tons. Thank goodness for blogging. Thanks daughters, all for keeping us in the loop! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!