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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Befuddled Tradition

A tradition I never want to change...the Sunday before Christmas picture in the holiday why are only 5 of our 8 pictured...welllll........
Believe me, you don't want details. Suffice it to say, a little flu bug is going around our ward, and when we went to bed last night we were all fine, but when we woke up....yuck! So now, the five of us above will wear our same clothes next week and deal with a little tradition mess-up! The picture of everyone in their holiday finery will have to be the Sunday AFTER Christmas this year! We WILL all be healthy next week....( I'm exercising a lot of faith!)


mom2beachbums said...

Oh no, not the flu! Is that bug ever getting around! Well I hope your 3 get better fast (including, Dad, huh!?) and the rest of you stay free of it. You look gorgeous beautiful as always!

Jeanne Lawyer said...

Beautiful family and beautiful picture. I am so sorry the flu has begun in your family. I pray that the rest of you do not get it. I promise, it is not fun.

I promise not to notice when you wear the same clothes 2 weeks in a row. We can still be friends. Just this once.

Sommer said...

Yuck I am so sorry, it ripped through our house about two weeks ago, I feel for you! I hope you all get better in time for christmas!

Catherine said...

Bekah told me all about it during sacrament meeting! Your poor family, I hope you all are better for Christmas!

ckoncurat said...

Oh no- we had the same thing. I had to beg my mom to stay home with three vomiting children so Mark and I could sing in the ward christmas program- and I felt guilty the whole meeting!

Thanks for the christmas letter! We tried to make it out to the play, but too many december commitments came up. Your family looks wonderful- have a merry christmas