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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

God Bless America

Election Day 2012

This is what anyone traveling rt 24 in Bel Air saw at the intersection at Ring Factory!  Add a lot of waving and horn honking! 

This one is my personal favorite!  Teaching these little ones to stand up for something is why parenting is so essential in today's society!  I'm so grateful I get to do it!

God Bless America!  Land that I love!


Mhana said...

Today I am celebrating that I am allowed to vote. I think of it as the Fourth of July for women -- when I get to have the same rights the founding fathers did not initially extend to everyone. We are having roast and potatoes, the most American dish I could think of, having a red white and blue dessert, singing a patriotic tune, and watching the votes come in. We may not agree politically (okay, we don't) but we can share our gratitude to have a voice at all.

Jenn said...

Those are the best pictures I have seen today! It really does impact our children's future. So very sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I'm so very thankful you teach your children to love this land even with all its problems!! After having been across the oceans and living in foreign lands, I still so very deeply treasure this one!! Scary times but faith in the Father holds us close!! xoxo

Unknown said...

Nana's the "unknown"!

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BP Merewether said...

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