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Sunday, February 5, 2012

7. 8. 9

Because 10 is almost here!!!

7 Months
OK, this photo shoot was supposed to take place in the ginormous pile of leaves in our backyard.... but as soon as I set Josiah in it, he freaked out...he didn't like how it felt, he didn't like how it sounded, and no manner of cajoling was going to change his mind! So into the swing he went....
and he even smiled after the leaf trauma!

8 months
Of course December birthday pics always have to be taken by the favorite on I put in the Christmas post, but this first one is just captures perefctly the sweet disposition of our little treasure!
And he is all smiles for daddy!

9 months
I just love baby pictures in their jammies! Jeepers, creepers, I just love those peepers!

I can't resist a few smoochies!

Just this week my littlest prince went into size four diapers. Sniff, sniff. It just goes too fast, doesn't it?!?


Catherine said...

Such a cutie!!!!

Katherine said...

SIZE FOUR DIAPERS!!! Emma is in size four diapers! What a cute little guy!

Emily Richards said...

You are seven for seven with cutie pies for kids!!

kim said...

He does look like a sweetie.... Sigh. Wish I was closer.

Linda said...

What a striking little man!!! His spirit is just shining so huge in these pics!! Can't wait to see him; maybe he'll even let me cuddle, too!! See ya in just about four, count them , 4, weeks!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Linda said...

That previous comment is definitely from Nana!!!! Still haven't changed the right name for you guys!!!!!