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Saturday, December 17, 2011


I just didn't want to believe it. Josiah turned 6 months old...2 months ago! I'm just now able to think it's possible. Every momma asks, "Where does the time go?" Well let me just ask,


I mean, seriously, I'm pregnant for like 12 years, and he was only born like a few weeks ago, right? Nope. So let's look at the bright side of things, right? What's one of my favorite things about turning 6 months? Comparing the littlest guy with the other brothers when they were 6 months!!! So let's have even more fun and make it a game, OK? Below are brothers A, B, and C. Identify each brother, and then tell me which one you think Josiah most closely resembles! Here we go!

Brother A

Brother B
Brother C

So what do you think? I think he has a lot of all those guys in him, is totally a brother, but he does remind me of one guy in particular! Oh, and look how cute these next pics are...
6 month b-day
1 day birthday
He still clutches his hands like that! Funny the unique little tricks they have from day one!

And here is a total bad momma testimonial. When Josiah turned 6 months, I took out all the brother pictures and realized baby #8 was a bit....ummmm.....behind developmentally. the little guy was so loved in arms all the time, he was my first baby not to be sitting at 6 months. Oops!!! Or roll over both directions. Another Oops. We just all snuggled and cuddled him so much, he was rarely down. Well, it was kind of tough, but we all made the effort to get our little guy up to speed, and within the month he was totally on target! I love to see each new stage, but it was particularly hard this time to say goodbye to the baby baby stage! sigh. Which makes me ask again,


Maybe I'll blog his 7 and 8 month birthdays in a year or two....


Catherine said...

A is Jonah, B is Indy and C is Christian and I think he looks like a perfect mix of Jonah and Indy, with a little bit of Christian.

kim said...

A is Jonah, B is Indy and c is Christian. I see Indy but when he smiles he's a ringer for Christian!

Katherine said...

a) Jonah B) Indy boy (I think i was there for that picture) and c) Christian I can deffiantly see all the boys in him but I do think he looks a lot like Indy

Courtney said...

I think he looks most like brother "B", but I know Jonah is brother "A". I don't know which is Christian or Indy.

Sarah Faria said...

I have always thought he looked like Indy, from day 1! Okay . . . maybe it was day 2. He sure is adorably cute!