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Monday, September 26, 2011

Yep, I'm Adorable!

It's my five month birthday photo shoot!!!

I'm getting pretty good at this! Actually, I smile all the time...momma caught this one on the first try!

Momma LOVES my chubby leggies!!! She tickles me and kisses me and squeezes me! Actually, it's kind of embarrassing, but she just loves my thigh and ankle rolls! And all this comes just from my milk! Momma says all the other kids started eating cereal and food by now, but I just love snuggling with my momma and my bottle! Maybe next month I'll try something new!

Sister insisted I have some pictures without my hat!

As for my usual super pleasant disposition, that pretty much hasn't changed. One thing has been bugging me, though. Ok, two. Can you see them?

How about now?

They haven't broken through, yet. I wish they would. Momma wishes they would. Daddy wishes they would. Brothers wish they would. Ok, everybody wishes they would! This is how I feel about teething:

But on a happier note, here is me live action trying to learn how to belly laugh. I talk talk talk and sing sing sing, but I just haven't figured out how to laugh yet. I'm a good tryer, though!

It's ok if you think I'm the cutest Josiah ever. Momma tells me that all the time!


Jenn said...

I love the shot of his chubby legs:) What a sweetheart!!

kim said...

My goodness he has a lot to say! His laugh is contagious. When he gets going hard it sounds like one of those prank hand buzzers that go off when you shake a jokester's hand. He's adorable. And so big! Loves to that boy! Loves to all of you!

Sara said...

He sure is the cutest Josiah ever! Five months and so, so adorable. Thanks for sharing him! :)

Sarah Faria said...

I LOVE the video!! He has the cutest little giggle!! He is completely adorable!!!

Catherine said...

Definitely the cutest Josiah ever!!!