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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lights, Camera,...Music Man!

2011 Summer Camp #2....
Catherine, Music Director
Kamberlynne, Mrs. Paroo
Christian, Marcellus
Jonah and Indy, School board (quartet)
Rebekah, Amaryllis
Briella (we were all shocked and amazed), band kid in last scene

Wait till you hear Rebekah's song!

Here she is with her "Winthrop"!

And now you might want some popcorn for the video clips!!
"If you don't mind me saying so", featuring Kamberlynne

"Goodnight my Someone" reprise, featuring Bekah (if you only watch one, this should be it!!!)

"Shipoopi", featuring Christian vocally, but keep your eyes out for dancing with Kamberlynne right after Christian sings, then Jonah with the girl in yellow, and Indy right beside him!

"Goodnight ladies" featuring Jonah and Indy

18 seconds of Briella....she's the one holding the flag and diverting her eyes! But she did it!!!!

5 weeks of camp this summer, plus Catherine, Kamberlynne and Christian leaped into the community big time with a show at the local Community College! "Bye Bye Birdie" opens for 6 performances in just over a week! Real Lights, Dressing Rooms, Back Stage, and someone besides Catherine running the audio!! Hooray! Hopefully we'll have some clips of that one, but for now, Music Man is in the books!!!


Katherine and Andrew Bettilyon said...

Yey!! I loved it! I can't believe how gr4own up christian is looking!! Good job every one! Ellie did great waving that flag!

Catherine said...

Wow my little Bekah is getting to be quite the good singer! The other kids are also amazing, I'm sad I missed this in person, how did that happen? We'll blame it on pregnancy brain!

TimothyandJessica said...

Amazing! Bekah sure has good pitch for her age. They all did a great job! What good times.

Emily Robinson said...

Wowowowow!! Your kids are amazing!! I made my mom come watch Bekah's video :)

Linda said...

You all did sooooooooooooooo great!!! Loved, loved, loved, loved it!!! Brings back many wonderful memories when your Mommy, Auntie Amber, and Auntie Rachael (as Amaryllissssss!!!) did it for their high school musical! I must say, it's hard to say who did the best you guys, or your mom and Aunties!!!! Still loved them all!! xoxoxoxoxo

Cothran Family said...

I just watched those amazing kids of yours! WOW! Talented! I love Music Man, one of my favorites! And Bekah's song was sooo good!