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Friday, April 8, 2011

Even Sweeter!

Here's a crazy statistic. 99 weeks. That is how long I have been pregnant and hoping and praying to hold and love and raise up and adore a homemade baby. Not fun.

The miracle. We still got to bring home and hold and love and raise up and adore this precious precious daughter. Just like our homemade babies that didn't come home, this darling is ours forever.
Throughout the last nearly four years, we have only felt immense love and gratitude for the many miracles that brought Briella to us. Some wonder if you can actually love adopted children as much as biological kids. Absolutley. Totally. Completely. And if you want to know the real truth, this girl might have an extra corner of my heart full of love for her because of the providential way she came.

And now, over the last few months, even more of my heart belongs to her. I just can't even imagine failed pregnancy after failed pregnancy after failed pregnancy for years and years without the joy holding this one in my arms and heart has brought. She is an even greater blessing, an even greater miracle, an even greater gift! I have realized that one of the many reasons the Lord sent her to us was to be a source of healing when the time came that we needed it. He is so good. And though Ellie keeps us and our parenting techniques our toes, still would rather sleep on our floor in a sleeping bag than in her own bed, and would wear her bathing suit every day of the week, how blessed we are to know and love and have her forever!

And we are exercising every bit of faith that next week she will finally be able to enjoy her role as Big Sister!!!


Sommer said...

Aw that was very sweet to read Catherine. Thank you for opening up your heart and writing this. You are an amzing woman. I am thinking and praying for you every single day!

Linda said...

She really is (and, I think, always has been) a part of us. She just keeps getting prettier and prettier, I'm sure inside, too! Just wish we could know her better and better!!!

Saying prayers intensely with baited breath!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Catherine said...

She is a wonderful miracle for your family and is too cute for words, even when she doesn't want to hug me. I'm glad she has enough hugs and love to help fill your heart. I'm praying right along with you for her to be a big sister next week.

seven smiles said...

amen + best wishes


Sarah Faria said...

I'm so excited for Briella to be a big sister!! She definitely has her very own little personality! What a blessing!