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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Angel Day, Darling Mariah

To Our Dear Sweet Angel Baby,

We are so happy you are part of our forever family! Since we miss you so much, it is still easy to be sad, but we wanted to spend your special day celebrating that we all will be together again! One day, there will be no more tears, sorrow, or grief! We will all hold you in our arms again, and there will be so much joy, we won't even think of the pain of our now empty arms and hurting hearts!

Momma knew she better cry out all the sadness of the year before we got to our celebration day, so she could make more room for all the hopeful and happy feelings that are inside of her, too! So a few days before your Angel day, she rocked your special blankie one more time in the nursery before packing away all the girlie things that had been waiting for you to come. There were so many sweet clothes that your sisters had worn, so many bows and little shoes for you, and so many dreams that we put into boxes. And momma let out all the tears. You did have a few outfits we had gotten just for you, brand new and everything. Momma knew some other sweet girls should have them, so we gave them away. Except for your Christmas dress. Momma rocked it in your blanket, kissed it, and put it away in your special box. And then she ate chocolate.

Auntie Amber came and we made you a special Angel Wreathe. Pink with bows. We took it to your special place and talked about what a special daughter of God you are. Isn't it pretty? I bet you love it as much as Momma.

And then our celebration day! Daddy took off work, and we spent the whole day together! And all of us were so full of love and happy all day! We know so many people were praying for us, that the power and love of God just encircled us. It was so peaceful and special and sacred. And it kept getting better and better! When we went to see your special place, we were surprised to find that others had already been there, sharing tokens of love and expressions of support. It was amazing.

We took balloons to send kisses and messages to heaven for you! We are sure you got them!

We stood together around your special place, and all smiled, because we know we will be together again.

We left you lots of roses. White ones, like the first time you had roses. One from every Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Brother, Sister, Grandma and Grandpa. Just like the first time. And now you have all of your angels for the whole year, too. Your special place looks beautiful. It was hard to leave. It always is.

But guess what we did after we left? We went to the bouncy place we love so much, and we had pizza, too! When we got home, there were more treats and cards and love waiting for us on the front porch! Heavenly Father was reminding us of all the people He sent to love and care for us! God is so good! And somehow, we made it through the first year. And even though it has been so hard so many days, today it was not. It was lovely. It was a gift. It was a miracle. It was beauty for ashes. Again.

Happy Angel Day, Sweet Mariah Grace. We miss you so much, and love you even more. We will be together again. Until then, we will walk in faith, praise and love and serve the Lord, and keep you forever in our hearts. Forever and ever.


Lynne said...

Nana and Grandpa and Auntie Rae spent the day thinking of our precious Angel and our dear family so far away. But, you're right, we'll all be together if we can but endure!! And, precious Mariah, you give us more reason to do just that!! How grateful we are for our knowledge and privilege in the Gospel and how we love our Savior who provided the way. Hugs and kisses to you all. xoxoxoxoxo

Catherine said...

You've amazed me this past year at your strength and faith. And that you have been able to know what you and your family needed to properly grieve and be thankful for eternal families. I'm glad that you had a happy family day.

Mhana said...

Happy Angel day. This was such a beautiful post, and just what I needed to remind me of Christ and why this season is so important. Thank you.

Emily Robinson said...

Catherine, thank you for your great example. You have a way of saying things that helps me to understand the gospel better. I love you!!

Katherine and Andrew Bettilyon said...

love and prayers from us to all you guys.

seven smiles said...

beautiful, Catherine. thinking of you. xo

The Washburns said...

What a beautiful post. You are amazing. We love you!

kim said...

I'm smiling through all of the tears my sweet sweet family. I love each of you so much!

amber said...

Beautiful girl, beatiful family. Love you all!

Cothran Family said...

What a perfect wreath and a beautiful day. We love you all so much.