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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Hero

Things are going to happen. They just are. We had one of those, and we are so glad Jonah was around!

I was upstairs working on Saturday chores, Brian was outside doing the same. When you're a momma, you always have a part of your brain on alert and a listening ear for the kiddos, no matter what you're doing. You mommas know what I mean.

And I heard something. A mixture of Briella coughing/gagging/crying/hysteria. I haven't heard that specific combo before. I bolted downstairs to the kitchen and took her in my arms. My Jonah calmly explained that he had been making and eating apple slices from the corer-slicer-thingy, and she had been standing on the chair next to him, helping. And you guessed it, she started to choke. Jonah said he could tell she was trying to cough it out, but no sound was coming.( Now remember, Brian and I are both seconds away, and he could have called for help, but he said he didn't even think of it.) He wrapped his arms around her, just above her tummy (thanks heavens she was standing on that chair) and performed a perfect hiemlich maneuver. It was at that point that the coughing/gagging/crying/hysteria sound began, and within seconds I was there.

It was only after Jonah told the story did I realize what a lovely sound that combo is.

And in the next moment I remembered how blessed we are to have Jonah in our family. I have seen many of his gifts over the years, but to see him problem solve a potentially life threatening situation calmly and act appropriately without hesitation isn't one I've witnessed in him before. What a special special guy. And I get to be his momma.

Bless you, Jonah.


Lynne said...

Way to go Jonah!!!!!! What an incredibly brave and smart thing to do! The first time Nana had to do that maneuver I was sooooooooooooooo scared!!! Your listening to the Holy Ghost and your obedience is something to treasure always!! And, if I were there, I would give you lots and lots and lots and lots of more hugs than I'm sure the rest of the family already gave to you!!!! xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sommer said...

You must be so proud! That is really impressive!

Katherine and Andrew Bettilyon said...

Good job Jonah!

mom2beachbums said...

Awesome Jonah!!! How very scary! Hope he gets a medal for his actions tho I am sure he just feels so good inside knowing he saved his little sister from choking! WOW!

Dawn said...

wow! what calm under a scary situation.

The Washburns said...

Good job Jonah! Wow, that is a scary situation and you handled it so well.

Cothran Family said...

Oh my, it is hard to read such a scary story! Good job Jonah. Even I froze one time when a girl was choking. And I was 20 years old! so good job for taking the initiative and knowing what to do. What a great brother you are and look how grown up you look! I LOVE all your freckles!