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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Come, Follow Me

We spent a wonderful week following Jesus through the last days of His mortal ministry. Each morning's devotional centered on the corresponding day of Jesus' last week, and hands on activities afforded opportunities for everyone to have a personal experience as we grew in knowledge, testimony, and love for our Savior and His sacrifice.

Thursday is always a highlight of the week! On Jesus' last Thursday, He participated in the Passover with His apostles. For a few years now, we've participated in our own Passover. This year, we even had some cousins in on the fun, and invited some friends to join our meal!

The kids made the same foods Jesus would have eaten at His Last Supper.

Jonah and Graeme created a lovely traditional Haroset.

Christian and Connor mastered Unleavened Bread.

Bekah and Ellie worked on the Grapes.

And Indy got to prepare the fish (the lamb thing is too much for me!).
Add some pistachios, olives, cheese, bitter herbs, and Egyptian rice with lentils and you get....

Then we turned out all the lights, reclined on the floor, and ate our Passover Feast like Jesus and His apostles...without utensils! We read the same scriptures from Psalms used in the traditional Passover, the origin of the holiday, discussed the symbolism of each food item, and how everything in the Passover points to our Savior and His great Sacrifice. Every year it gets better and better!

On Friday, we tried a new activity that er enjoyed. A group of inter-denominational Christians hosted a Faith Walk through the last day of Jesus' mortal life.

It was an absolutely beautiful day outside as we "followed" his footsteps from His false trials to His tomb, and reflected on his love and sacrifice. Each of us at one point or another felt the Holy Spirit testify that Jesus truly is the Christ. His gift of the atonement to overcome physical and spiritual death has been the hope of my heart as my tears still fall for Mariah. Though I feel very deeply the sting of death now, one day my tears will all be washed away, and I will sing "Where O Death, is now thy sting?". And all because of My Savior. And even if I don't feel it all the time, I really do know it every minute of every day. I am so so grateful. It truly is wonderful.


Cothran Family said...

How beautiful and wonderful. You are so creative and thoughtful about the Easter season. I love this! I need to be better at celebrating this beautiful time of year. Happy Easter

kim said...

I felt you so much throughout this conference weekend and rejoiced in the blessing it is to know that our loving Heavenly Father truly speaks to us through his prophets. I knew you were listening to every word!
And next year I want to be a part of the WHOLE WEEK! I love you all so much it's hard for my heart!

amber said...

Were there Jedis at the passover??*!@&! We love visiting your house and were so happy you came here on Friday for the gorgeous day and walk!
Happy Easter!

Emily Robinson said...

Catherine, you are such a great mom! What a cool idea- I may be calling you in a few years for those details. I was in D.C. this weekend and wishing so much that we were just a little closer to you guys, I miss you! Love!!

The Washburns said...

I love that you do this. It makes it come to life so much for children. What a fun idea. I am grateful for you and your family and your example to ours. We love you!

Lynne said...

How I look forward to this particular post each year!!!! And to be able to share between each family over there made me smile even more!! You all were so in the room with me throughout conference this week-end. The Savior Lives, our Father in Heaven sooooooooooooooooooooo loves us, and His True Church is on the earth today! What a gift!!! And, how blessed we truly are!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

Dawn said...

I so need your notes one day so I can teach myself and my kids all this stuff. Brian and I did go to a passover celebration once with some Jewish friends.

I'm happy Easter was here to give you some comfort.

Likely said...

this is incredible! I remember my seminary class doing something similar-- but not this good! This is so cool! I am so impressed! (and hungry)