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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where'd My Baby Go?!?!?!?

Kamberlynne turned thirteen...emphasis on TEEN. She is thrilled...I'm ok with it, 3 weeks later! I put all her presents in baby bags, and put a lovely circle of 12 candles on her Pina Colada Pie....I told her I just couldn't bear to put on 13. She convinced me and we lit an extra special striped one in the middle...and I lived! But it still makes me tear up a little! With as much joy as the first 13 years brought, can it really get any better?!?!?


Catherine said...

I think you're doing a great job having a teenage daughter!

kim said...

All of these next years just add to the joys of the past years. She's beautiful! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL KAMBERLYNNE!
I did the same thing with the bags for Bryan's 18th birthday.(Check it out on his birthday blog) So cute. Always our babies they'll be. Each and every one of them.