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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go #22!! No, this isn't about the Super Bowl...

It's about our amazing superstar Dad!
With all the demands on the father of six, serving in the church, and providing for our family, Brian doesn't get to do many of the things he loves, so when basketball season rolls around, he digs out his shoes, pops a few ibuprophin, and it is GAME ON!
Going for the rebound!

Taking the ball down!

Making the shot!

Now alot of Dad's games are after the kids are in bed, but this past week, Brian had an early game, which means he had his own Cheering Section! Take a look at these adoring (and adorable) fans!

We were all pretty excited to see that in all honesty, our dad was the absolute BEST!! He made so many amazing plays, we were cheering and yelling so much, Briella finally had enough, and spent the last part of the game like this....!

Way to go, Dad! Thanks for the front row tickets to an amazing game! You are undeniably our MVP, both on and off the court!


Katherine and Andrew Bettilyon said...

So fun! I just love udates!

Rae said...

Okay, this blog world definitely just became the coolest. I always love seeing my fam from 1400 miles+, but for some reason beyond my comprehension, this is my favorite glimpse yet!

That picture of Ellie covering her ears is a riot. Thanks for that post Catherine!!!! Love you guys.

amber said...

Oh yeah! PONAGE for Uncle Brian! Middle School Speak Translation: To Pone: the superlative form of to own, as in, i.e. you more than owned them on the court, you PONED them... or as a noun: PONAGE
Go Big B
Love from your peeps,

Sommer said...

I love the way you talk about your hubby, it's so sweet! And I love the picture of Briella coverin her ears, how funny!

Lynne said...

What especially great fun times these are!!!!!! And, I'm absolutely sure there was no better cheering section to be found anywhere!!

The Washburns said...

I never knew Uncle Brian was a basketball player! Now I'm seeing him being cheered by his whole family an Briella covering her ears! what is his team called? we love you!